"8" Fall Festive Treats

Fall Baking is upon us! WOOT! I don’t care if the temp. outside says Popsicle! because this here girl, is more then ready for fall baking! and if that means I have to crank up the ac (not really) in my home to make it feel chillier inside… and burn a pumpkin roll wax tart, then I WILL! HA!

Today I am sharing “8” Fall Festive Treats! I am like YUM, YUM, AND OH’ YEAH YUM!

Get ready to drool, and then slap on an apron and head for the kitchen to make one of these (or all.. Hey’ you got the season to do it in!)

Here we go..
8 fall festive treats
Twig Studios- Apple Blackberry Cinnamon Mini Pastries Source here
 Will Cook For Smiles- Caramelized Pear Pasty Source here
 The Tip Toe Fairy- Fluffernutter Cupcakes Source here
 The First Year Blog- Lemon Almond Bundt Cake Source here
 Twigg Studios- Pear Fritters with Cinnamon Sugar Source here
 Lemon Tree Dwelling- Loaded Reeses Peanut Butter Bars Source here
The Crafting Foodie- Carmelitas with homemade salted caramel Source here
 Cup Cake Diaries- Pumpkin Treats Source here
Oh’ man my mouth is watering!

I love them all, don’t you?

Thanks for stopping in and checking out these 
“8” Fall Festive Treats!


  1. this is my first comment even tho i follow your blog and love Mondays. just love all the treats, will have to make little pumpkins with my grandaughter!!

  2. Thank you so much for including my Pear Pastry, Jen! Have a nice week 🙂

  3. My mouth is watering. Wish I had more time to whip up a few of these yummy treats. Awe, they will have to wait. I started school!

  4. Jen, I feel the exact same way, once September hits it’s pumpkin time! Thanks for sharing my lemon almond bundt cake this week.
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my Reese’s bars!! What a delicious collection of recipes!

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