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Back To School 101

I can’t wait to share this Back To School 101 roundup. My goodness my kids head back to school tomorrow.. and all though there will be tears of sadness and joy (winks) I am pretty darn ready! as of this morning.. all my kids have been rough housing, fighting, and making messes. I believe in organization and function, but its hard to have that in a home with “6” people not to mention throw in summer. However, I do try and do my best in the organization department. Anyway, by the end of the summer I am ready to get back on a routine and to be organized while doing it. Today on COM I am sharing everything you need to know to have a successful back to school year.
“Back To School 101!”
your guide to all you need to know for back to school!
 back to school ideas www.craft-o-maniac.com
Today you will find everything from back pack tags, to homework stations, and even what healthy snacks to give your kids after school. Lets get started shall we. 
Back To School 101
 Start by sending your kids off with some handmade DIY lunch bags Source here
.. and how about adding in some cute and encouraging back to school messages.. in their lunches or folders. Source here.
 Now how about personalizing or embellishing your kids school supplies? Source here
 .. and lets not forget making some labeled backpack tags, we don’t want our kids backpacks lost. Source here
It would also be great to create a functional and organized supply caddy for them to get their homework done. Source here
… and how about some organized color matching containers for all their crayons in creating works of art. Source here
 Now moving onto creating a useful Back To School Station. This is a super for your kids, and mom and dad too. Everyone is in the know! WIN-WIN  Source here 
 Oh’ and nothings better then a mud room, entry way, or hall for your kids to hang up their back packs and check their calenders and such. Source here.
 ..and how about some cute slot/ cubbies again for their homework, assignments, need to knows. etc. Source here
Moving on, what about creating a great snack container/station? one for the pantry, and one for the fridge. Its a perfect way to organize some healthy snacks for your kids to grab right after school. Source here
Then after your kids hang up their stuff and grab a snack, then its homework time (their fav.). How about creating a great “Homework Station!” i.e. wall, nook, closet, etc. Source here
.. and another one! great for displaying their art and accomplishments and great for getting their homework done too. Source here
That’s a wrap on our Back To School 101 Course! winks!
I sure hope this helps you all prepare for a new year of learning and adventures with your kids.
Thanks, jen

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