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14 Fantastic Gallery Walls

Today on COM I am sharing 14 Fantastic Gallery Walls, I think you all will love. I adore a great gallery wall, and there’s really no rhyme or reason to them either. You can make them as whimsical, funky, colorful, clean and sophisticated as you want. Use  all in frames, letters, or a fun mix of mod podge of stuff and mix it up. Just have a basic idea or color scheme and you can design it the way you want. “Just do what makes you happy! Nuff said!”

Pretty much every wall in my home is a gallery wall, I can’t help it they are just that fun and give so much personality. So lets get to the good stuff , enjoy these “14 Fantastic Gallery Walls!”

14 fantastic gallery walls

So here they are.

Gallery Frame & Picture Wall Source- LesConfettis
 Gallery Wall Source- Life Created 
 Gallery Wall of L’s Source- Jones Design Company
 Happy Gallery Wall Source- Brittany’s Big Sky 
Black and White Gallery Wall Source- Pottery Barn
 Gallery Office Wall Source- Desert Domicile 
Window & Frame Gallery Wall Source- Little Gray Table 
 Gallery Frame and Star Wall Source- Craft-O-Maniac
 Gallery Frame Wall Source- Liz Marie Blog
 Gallery Wall- Source 52 Mantels
Gallery Wall- Source House of Rose
Gallery Frame Wall- Source Tatertots & Jello 
 Gallery Wall- Source Gardner Berger
Vintage Style Gallery Wall Source- Flamingo Toes 
They are all great right?
Now who is inspired to decorate and create a fun Gallery Wall the reflects you? Hmmmm?

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8 thoughts on “14 Fantastic Gallery Walls

  1. Great roundup! I love the gallery wall look! I did a post on my blog about the gallery wall I created while my husband and I were living in our apartment – we’re hoping to continue to use it in our new home we’re building, but maybe change it up a bit or make it a little larger. Thanks for the inspiration!

    You can see my blog post here, just if you’re curious 😉


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