Totally Free Kids Water Day

You don’t have to go to the pool, a water park, or even the wet pad to have a super fun ” Totally Free Kids Water Day!” (you know- don’t drive car, don’t spend money on gas!) I know this isn’t rocket science.. but I just took some buckets filled them with water, added plastic molds, cups, shovels, squirt bottles, and even some water squirter’s and my kids went nuts. I really wanted my oldest son to get involved and to get him pulled away from mine craft, so the good Ol’ hubs pulled out Preston’s water balloons he won in school.. and then it was “Water War” ON! and my oldest son changed into his suit and the extra fun began.
Here are some fun Water Day pictures of my kids and the ever so fun hubby and dad. Pssst, I hope those of you who have started summer are enjoying it thus far.

“Water Balloon War!”
Way to go kids “3” water balloons heading right towards dads back!
This had to be probably my most fav. there was so much laughter, I can still hear the laughing in my ears.
I hope you all enjoy your next “Water Day” with you kids.
Happy Summer!
Hugs, jen