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DIY little girl headbands ~ Sunshine Shoppe

Baby Shower Ideas 
 Tired of the same old baby shower games? ….

Get creative and let your guests participate by making the future “diva baby” some amazing headbands with a headband kit from Sunshine Shoppe Supply. The headband station kit comes with everything you need to make about 40 to 50 fun, colorful and unique finished headbands.

 Cut your elastic to size. To avoid wasted elastic we cut the elastic pieces to either 13.5 inches for newborns and 15.5 inches for toddlers. If you heat seal the elastic ends with a lighter it really helps to prevent fraying. Keep them in separate labeled bins. Trim your shabby flowers. The shabby flowers come on a mesh trim. To save the participants some time I trimmed all the shabby flowers before the event. Sort your supplies. I found a neat little cupcake holder at a garage sale and dressed it up with different color plastic table cloths. With this, we were able to put all the different flowers, bows elastic and buttons in separate cute bins. Create Directions. I found a document frame at the dollar store and created a document with instructions to help guide the guests through the basics of creating a headband. Tags With a handy tag shaped punch (can be found in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store) punch out plenty of tags from cardstock and attach a string for the guests to write their name, headband size and maybe even a little message for the mother to be and new baby girl. Don’t Forget. You will need to supply a glue gun, plenty of glue sticks, a pen and a scissors. Don’t forget an extension cord as glue gun cords are typically never long enough. A small trash can next to the headband table may be helpful too. Just to get the ball rolling. To give the guests a little inspiration craft up a few headbands before the shower. This way they will have examples of how to assemble and ideas for create their own headband.


Seriously check out The Sunshine Shop, they have some darling baby girl, and little girl headbands, supplies, and much more!

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