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DIY Glitter Nails

Hey! It is McKenzie from
Girl Loves Glam here! 

Words can’t express how excited I am that it is warming up outside. Living in Idaho can be tough when the winters seem to last 8 months of the year! So you had better believe that when it is above 60 degrees, I am going to be wearing shorts and sandals. The best part about wearing sandals? Showing off your freshly painted toes! Currently, I love the look of the glitter “rock star toes”, but I don’t love paying the price to get them done and having my nails trashed for doing it. I found a secret way to create glitter nails for a fraction of the price without damaging your nails! The best part? It stays on for what feels like FOREVER too!
To do your own, you need…
*Two pieces of paper
*base coat polish
*top coat polish
*glitter (mine is a pack of small sample colors). The key is getting smaller glitter instead of big, chunky kind.
*Nail polish remover
First, paint your nails with the base coat polish. Only do one hand at a time because you need the polish to be wet still.
Be sure to set your hand on one of the pieces of paper. Lightly sprinkle glitter on each of the wet nails. Push down glitter on each nail to make it stick really well.
Wipe off excess glitter and repeat the steps above by putting more base coat on, pouring glitter on and wiping it off.
Wipe off extra glitter with finger nail polish remover. Some of it may stay on, but it will wear off quickly.
Paint top coat on each of your nails. Let it dry.
After your nails are dry, wash them and scrub off extra glitter that may be stuck to your skin. This could take a day or two to get all of it off, but washing them gets most of it off. 
Now, enjoy your new sparkly nails and the warm weather!
I have more beauty tutorials over on my blog too, including my easy messy bun tutorial! Be sure to check it out along with all of my other tutorials!
Super cute McKenzie, and I hear you.. warmer weather, cute nails, sandals and toes.. the end.

Thanks girl, xo jen

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