18 Spring Break Kids Activities

Are your kids getting out for “Spring Break” soon? Mine are! Next week they will all be home. So to make mom and dad stay more sane, and to keep the kids from tearing each others hair out.. (or to keep mom from tearing hers out?) I have created a super fun filled round up of kids activities you can do during the week. 
18 Spring Break Kids Activities” 
Now obviously you don’t have to do them all, and some of you may even be going on vacation, but I thought this would be a great idea and a great help. 

So here you go- Enjoy!
spring break activities for kids www.craft-o-maniac.com
Homemade Chalk Source here
 Homemade Bucket Ball Source here
 Homemade Bowling Game Source here
 Homemade Kite Making Source here
 Homemade Bubbles Source here
 Painted Pot Wind Chime Source here
 Homemade Playdough Source here
 Make Cereal Necklaces Source here
 Homemade Finger Paints Source here
Scavenger hunt free printables. You can make Scavenger hunts for both indoor or outdoor. Source here
Make Apple Stamped Canvas Bags. I couldn’t find the source on this one, I looked hard. I found it on Pinterest. If anyone knows the source please let me know. 
You can also Do These:
-Go for a walk with the family.
-Go to the Park.
-Build an indoor Fort.
-Take your kids to the Library.
-Play Board Games 
-Have family movie night with Popcorn. 
– Bake cookies!

Enjoy your “Spring Break” with your little ones or big ones, make memories, and have fun!