DIY Sheet Music Envelopes

Hi there! This is Eliza from Eliza K Prints. I love blogging about my latest tutorials and fun garden projects. I’m a firm believer in making things instead of buying things and I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to follow!

I’m here today to share my latest project involving sheet music. Its cheap, simple and right on time for the holidays.

Sheet Music Envelopes

An Eliza K Tutorial

First, you’ll need to score some sheet music. I’m lucky that I come from a family of musicians and was able to get some that was just gathering dust. You can also find stacks of old classical music at your local Goodwill or Value Village. It doesn’t need to be perfectly white, the yellowed pages give it a vintage feel.

You will need:

Sheet music (one page per envelope)
An envelope template
a pencil
glue stick

Lay your template onto the 
back of the sheet music.
Lightly trace the template with a pencil. 
Cut your traced enveloped out of the sheet music.
Try cutting inside the lines to avoid having to erase a ton of pencil marks.

Fold your sides flaps in first. Make sure to keep the folds flush with the body of the envelope.

Spread glue onto the outside of the side flaps. Start at the halfway point and work your way down. Do not spread glue above the halfway point.
Fold the bottom half of your envelope up. Press the gluey side flaps against the bottom to get it to stick. Apply more glue if necessary.


  Lastly, fold your top half over. Voila! You’ve made your first envelope. Use them for holiday correspondence or attach them to gifts!

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Thank you so much Eliza these are so beautiful and would be great to send out Christmas Cards in.
I so appreciate you sharing these with my readers on COM today.
Hugs, jen


  1. wow these are a great idea for music lovers in your family 🙂 cute


  2. Hi, I was looking at your blog and had a suggestion that might make it a little bit more reader friendly. I noticed at least one grammar mistake per post, and that is really distracting, it takes away from what you are trying to say. Anyway, I would suggest trying to proofread a little bit more carefully. Just a suggestion from one blogger to another!

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