Tower of Terror Hotel Halloween Plate

Today I am sharing with you a craft I made with my cricut machine, 3 different cartridges, a plate, some vinyl, and transfer tape.

If you have ever been to Disneyland, and have rode the CREEPY AND FUN ride “Tower of Terror”, then you may see why I think this plate reminds me of the creepy hotel part of the ride and attraction. The hotel part of the attraction that you walk through is old and Victorian like. Its creepy and COVERED in cobwebs. Its an old spooky Haunted looking Hotel.  I LOVE IT. Oh’ man I am feeling nostalgia and wanting to go back to Disneyland right now. winks. 

 Here are some of the goodies I was sent and able to work with. You can see the plate before it was dressed up. 

I used the Home Decor Cartridge, the Lyrical Letters Cartridge and the Sentimentals Cartridge to create this Tower of Terror Hotel looking plate.

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hugs, jen


  1. This is seriously adorable! Love it Jen!!

  2. That is cute as HECK-O-LA. I love it… it’s perfectly spooky and classic all at the same time. It’s awesome 🙂

  3. Love!Love!Love this!!Awesome!!

  4. That is super cool and cute!! Great idea, don’t think I could stop at 1 plate though, I’d want to do a whole “house”! Too bad I don’t got no cutting machine, and I’m not about it cut that intricate design by hand, so I’ll just admire yours 🙂 Pinning and sharing!

  5. That is super cute Jen!!! I love the design!

  6. I love your plate!! The colors of vinyl are perfect for your design. What fun cartridges you have! 🙂
    Amy @ The Happy Scraps

  7. OMG I Luhhvvv it!!! That is so cute. I’m thinking I may have to scraplift that. This would be the perfect decoration on my sign-in table at work. Thanks for sharing.

  8. love ur craft ideas! awesome.pls also follow my blog
    thanks so much

  9. Cute plate. Love the design.

  10. That is awesome! Super classy, but fun and festive. Nice work!

  11. This is so cute! Great job. I love that ride at Disney and can’t wait to go back for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

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