DIY Toothpick Dolls

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Alene’s Tacky Glue:

First, glue the legs on, as shown in the photo above. Let them dry.

a small dot of glue on where the three pieces meet, and wrap the floss
starting at the top, and making your way down. Decide where you want the
skirt to end, and place a dot of glue there, and smooth the floss into
it. Make sure you always end on the same side.

Next, glue the arms on. You can wrap them first in skin color floss, I don’t mind leaving the toothpicks natural.

wrap the shoulders starting with a glue dot in the back. My daughter
wrapped this with thicker floss. You can see if gives if a different
look and texture.


wrap the head. You can make a long thin head, or a round head. You
choose what you want. Just make sure not to go over the top of the
toothpick, and add glue to the back of the head periodically, otherwise,
all your floss could come off, and that would lead to more work.


add the hair. The best tip is to start in the back, with a two inch
piece of floss folded in half. Add a dot of glue to the hairline. Place
the fold on the glue. Then, add more until you feel it is thick enough.
After you have finished, give your doll a haircut for the desired
length. Small embroidery scissors work best.

 Boys are fun to make as well, you will use the same technique, just wrap each leg separately first.

 These were so easy and fun, my daughter started making them with me, and now we have a little family!

Have a Happy and Creative Day, and stop by Restless Risa any time!

RISSA THESE ARE SO DARLING, I know my Bella sure would love them. Thank you for sharing these sweet dolls with us all today.