Patriotic Marshmallow Star Pops

Today I am sharing with you all some dipped star marshmallows. I found the marshmallows at Walmart, because my little 3 year old Ryk.. saw them and said “wook mashmallow’s mom” I had to get them, and I new right away I would dip them in some melted candy melts. 
So I bought some candy melts and some extra sprinkles and made some fun “Patriotic Marshmallow Star Pops.” All you  have to do is melt your candies, stick a marshmallow on a sucker stick, and dip. Then over a bowl sprinkle on your candy sprinkles. Stick your star pops in some styrofoam and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes, or less.
I am so thrilled to celebrate the 4th of July. 
These “Patriotic Marshmallow Star Pops” 
would be the perfect edition to your fun FAMILY & FRIENDS fire cracken holiday.  
I am so blessed to be an American and to have my freedom and freedom of speech. Having this blog is just one more opportunity and reminder of my freedom of speech.
I feel so much love, pride, and freedom when I see a large flag waving in the summer breeze. I love 4th of July night and watching all those fire works light up the dark sky. I just can’t wait.