I COULD CRY- to understand the un-perfected clock pop’s you would have to read this post first………

I had this vision of smooth coated white oreo pops with perfectly drawn clocks on top. The vision in my head is still so darling and perfect. THESE, WELL… they are not. I still have a hard time posting them, In fact I can say this is my first CRAFT FAIL! I am so bummed. However, I wanted to share this with you all because maybe you all are better at Oreo Pops then I. This was my very first attempt at making oreo pops, and sadly it will probably be my  last. That said, I do realize that practice makes perfect, but wasting money and loosing more nerves, I could probably go without practice on this one. I apologize for the poop post I am giving you, and  I don’t want to discourage any of you, but I hated this project from start to finish. For starters dipping oreo’s -ie-yi-yi… first trying to get the stick in and hope that nothing breaks, or that the weight of the candy melts don’t pull the oreo’s off, and finally hoping that the oreo pop’s don’t break before you lay them down to cool….. ALL-“DIFFICULT”.

As I went through each pop I found what worked better each time I went through the cycle. Dip the stick in the melted candies, tap the excess off by hitting the stick on the rim of the bowl, gently wiggle the stick into the “fattest” side of the oreo’s frosting. Then tip your bowl and lay the oreo down so that the bowl is holding the one side, spoon the melted candies over the oreo and then gently pick it up holding a large cereal spoon under the oreo. Carry it to the pan with parchment paper on it, and lay it to cool. Lastly, gently tap the pan up and down wiggling out the wrinkles to the oreo pops. Chill in fridge for 15- 20  mins. draw clocks on the pops, GOOD GOOD GOOD LUCK.

P.S. these would look so much better with the correct fondant/cake pen. I bought Wilton’s Cake markers and well… they suck!!! I didn’t want to drive all the way to Michael’s for one stinken fondant pen, and my Walmart only had the markers. Once again, these pops can come out so much better. Sighhhhh.

FOR NOW THESE ARE WHAT MINE LOOK LIKE, and if you don’t pin them… Well, I don’t blame you.

I don’t like these markers, and they don’t show up. Boooo-hisss I waisted $5.00 bucks plus tax.


….and that’s a wrap.