{Frosty the Canvas Snowman}

HELLO there friends.
Today I am sharing with you my 
“Frosty The Canvas Snowman” 
I used “3” different sized CHUNKY Canvas Corp. boards to create him.
I used “3” chunky canvas boards for the snowman. 
I used sticks from my back yard tree to create his arms.
I used a piece of orange fabric scrap for the carrot nose.
I used black felt I cut into circles for the buttons and the eyes.
I used pink paint and a round foam stamp for the winter rosy cheeks.
I used a cut piece of minky fabric for the scarf. Fabric from Poppyseed Fabrics.
I used a walnut stain stamp for the edges to give it more dimension and weather it a little.
I used a cut piece of black waxed cotton for the mouth. Waxed cotton from Canvas Corp.
……and if I didn’t RUN OUT OF BLACK FELT I would of made him his top hat, I still PLAN on doing so. 😉


THANK you so much for stopping by COM today.