Patriotic Button {I Heart America sign}

Here is an Oldie But a Goodie, with the 4th of July sitting around the corner, as well as Summer being here (at least for my kids) I have at least “4” 4th of July/summer crafts that I did last year, that I will show you all this year, for those who haven’t seen them.
HERE is my Burlap and Buttons I heart America Frame.
Hello there~ This Craft is pretty self explanatory.

Hot glue gun
Use the back of your frame as a guide to cut out your burlap. Hot glue burlap down let dry. I mapped out my “I” then “heart” and the “flag” first with all the buttons. Then one by one, burn by BAD burn, I glued them on. My cold diet coke in a can helped sooth the bad burn. Good Luck guys. 😉