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Mothers Day- {A Basket of her Favorites}

I love receiving GIFT BASKETS, don’t you?… of all the things that make up you, or describe you. I put together a basket of some of my moms {Favorite things} and no they aren’t purchased with Oprah’s money HA! 
By the way the Country Sunflower smells amazing- AH-MAZING, but so does the Rose Garden. My moms mother passed away last April, and she adored her roses and rose bushes, I would even help trim my grannies roses here and there. So I really think my mom will enjoy the Rose Garden tarts. I was also tickled to find the Donny and Marie CD my mom loves them both. Both  my mom and I met Marie at a doll signing in Vegas years ago inside the Bellagio. Anyway, creating a gift basket big or small is one idea for you guys.

BUT I MUST SAY that I have received the greatest Mother’s day gift of all….{A sweet baby} is their anything better?

thanks for stopping by- Much love, jen 
linking to Sassysites for a mom link up Here.

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8 thoughts on “Mothers Day- {A Basket of her Favorites}

  1. he is adorable!! I would love for you to link up this Mother’s Day gift idea over at Sassy Sites! We are rounding up ALL the great ideas!! xoxo!

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  2. What a amazingly adorable baby! Congratulations! And I, too, love to give and receive gift baskets. I think it make a person feel good to know someone who loves them took the time to collect little things that the recipient would love. It shows they really care about who you are! There is no better gift! Thanks for sharing today 🙂

  3. Oh my word, where have I BEEN?!! I am just finding out you had your baby on the 26th, so please forgive me for being so late; but Congratulations to you and your family!.. I am loving all these photos you’ve posted so far! May God bless your newest bundle of joy, and best wishes to all of you! ~tina

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