{{Collage Creativity}}

I don’t have a fancy schmancy camera or any fancy photo editing program,  I hope to have them in the future. However, I so love playing around in Picasa3 and that is what I use. Some of you are probably aware of it, but for those of you who are not, I am sharing. You can get a free download HERE.  

ONE thing that is so fun to do, and I love it… is creating collages. 

I am sharing some with you today, and they are all created in Picasa3. Nothing elaborate but simple and sweet. 


BrOThErlY LoVe
Mr. Shenanigans- Who said chalk was just for the cement? 
Itty Bitty Baby getting a Bath.
 You can even create cards or birth announcements Like I did with Evin’s

LOTS OF FUN AND CREATING TO EXPLORE! thanks for stopping by, winks-jen