Hello there so I have been PUTTING OFF THE DIAPER BAG packing for days, but with more braxton and hicks contractions and exactly 1 week today until the BIG BIRTHDAY…. I sat my round pumpkin belly butt self down on the floor and started to sort and go through a mental checklist for baby Evin’s diaper bag, and got “PACKING!” p.s. I also have c-sections so i am in the hosp. 3-4 days.

I THOUGHT FOR NEWBIE PREGO MOMS I WOULD SHARE MY LIST FOR THE DIAPER BAG CHECKLIST! doesn’t mean I am a pro, but this is # 4 so I think I have it in the bag… no pun! winks!
wet wipes *
Changing pad*
Butt paste*
5 diapers* (they provide you some in the hosp.)
Nursing Cover*
Nursing pads*
3 newborn onesies*
3 pair of newborn socks*
1 large swaddling blanket (the nurses swaddle them in their blankets in the hosp. but you will need a take home one.)*
one knitted hat*
one take home outfit*
3 burp cloths*
scented poopy bags!*
the hosp. provides bottles, a pacy, and a syringe bulb so I didn’t pack those!

 close up- burp cloths, nursing cover, nursing pads.

 BABY EVIN’S Take home outfit! ITS A PREEMIE my babies are little and “Dog on Cute” 😉 woof woof.

 three newborn onesies one itty bitty hat and itty bitty socks!

newborn diapers, diaper pouch with wet wipes, butt paste, changing pad, and baby SWEET SMELLING powder. Sighhhhh….

 a pouch that comes with the diaper bag that you can use to hold the binkie but I have the scented disposable poopy bags in it instead. 😉

DO YOU LOVE THE DIAPER BAG? Well there are not enough words for me to describe how gorg. well made and fabulous it is. ITS by BABY KAED. I was lucky enough to do a product review on it about 2 years ago on my other blog. It was so gently used that its like brand spanking new and I WAS THRILLED to pull it down and get it packed up.
WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT! if you ever wondered what to pack for your sweet babies diaper bag here you go. Now I do have prego brain so I may of forgotten something important, but for now I think I got it. Now to just pack my bag……. BUT NOTHING FITS! BLAH!