Darling- Neighbor/Friend/Family Gift!

I saw this cute Idea on Refresh Reuse and Redo HERE. I loved it! However, I threw a bit of my own twist on it, adding a cute red bowl. Refresh Reuse and Redo gave a list of other wonderful Teacher/Neighbor/Friend gifts, you should check it out.

The only other TWO I would add to the list are: A roll of Wrapping paper… with a tied on tag reading
 ” I hope your Holiday Season is “Wrapped” up in love.
As well as a six pack of AW root beer and you can attach a baggie of treats to the note. The saying reads ” You are an “AW-some” Teacher/Friend/Neighbor…

I love all the fun ideas out there.

I got all the supplies, minus the tag, paper, and ribbon at Walmart. I found the pack of three wisks as Refresh Reuse and Redo explains, at Walmart for $2.54 I believe. You can do all the wisks or wrap them individually as R.R.R. does. Since I am giving this to a family. I did all the wisks, with a bowl, and a whole bag of Kisses.

The Tag I cut out from my Cricut using the Platinum Schoolbook Cartidge. It has like 4 tag choice options on it.

Thanks for stopping by!