Handmade {{Lego}} Birthday Banner!

HELLO THERE- my oldest turnes “9” on Tuesday Oct. 12th. HE IS A LEGO KING, let me tell you. He makes some of the coolest lego machines that dispense candy and all. Safes and all kinds of fun stuff. He loves to watch kids build and make fun lego stuff on YouTube. He gets alot of inspiration there. SO the bubs made sure to tell me months ago that he wants a LEGO Birthday. So mom trying to be frugal has made him a one of a kind handmade lego banner. I LOVES IT!
To make my handmade Lego Banner I used the Lyrical Letters Cartridge for my cricut for the blue shape. For the green circles and letters I used the Platinum School Book Cartridge.

  For the squares rectangles and circles- I used again, the Platinum School book cartridge. With patience all this can be done free hand or from tracing certain shapes from things in your home or kitchen cubbys. Or if you have punches or a silhouette machine.

I used the raised glue dots for a 3-d look.
here they are done!
Labeled banner and legos all made.
then the layout pattern….

Next I whole punched on the sides or in the center of each piece, and ran ribbon through each one.

then to make my son smile more, I wrapped two of his packages to look like legos, just something extra and fun.

I WILL SHOW more of the party ideas when I get them done. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am linking up with Blackberry Vine for Jami’s Pretty Packages Party HERE.