Tea Light Jars~ Witch and Ghosts~BOO!

hi guys AN EARLY HALLOWEEN CRAFT to get you EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN. (IS IT TO EARLY? NAH!!!!!) I made these last year with my sister!

I got a GIANT jar at Walmart, it was a pickle jar in the bulk section, cleaned out and scrubbed. Then while at the craft store I saw a cute un-finished witch hat at “Roberts Crafts” on clearance. THEN BOOM the idea… SO JOIN ME AND LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THE DIY STEPS……

start with~ wItcH hat, green tissue paper, jar, mod podge, and sponge applicator….
BEFORE~ un-finishedTake and cute tissue paper to size, then mod podged the strips on the OUTSIDE OF GLASS. Lay your strips of tissue paper over the mod podge and then add more mod podge over the tissue paper. Next paint the hat with Acrylic paint (i used a charcoal color) then tear pieces of scrap paper in a Halloween theme, OF Course’!

MOD PODGE AWAY… THEN pick glue off your fingers later… YEAH’ i AM IN kindergarten again! HA! Have your fab. sis draw (or you draw) a witch template and cut it out on black paper, then mod podge the face on too.

hot Glue hat to lid of jar, then glue black paper around the underneath of hat and cut strips from the black paper, for be-witching STRINGY LOOKING hair.

Up close … THE WITCH!

AFTER~ completed~ isn’t she GREAT?, not the witch everyone says she is, she is actually pretty dang friendly, and quiet too! HE HE! i am so PROUD OF MY WICKED WITCH! 😉

Here are my mod podged GHOSTS too!

they are BOTH AFRAID OF THE WITCH, can you tell?  When you are all done you drop your tea lights in them and let them “LIGHT UP” your walk ways or window panes. Nothing like a SPOOKTACULAR FLICKERING HALLOWEEN GLOW!

LASTLY, you can do jack O’ lantern jars too with orange tissue paper, I did those as well! my sis had the idea of MAKING MR. FRANK AS WELL!  save those spaghetti, pickle, applesauce, and baby food jars (for the little babies in the fam.) HAPPY CRAFTING!
p.s. SOME pickles got eaten others got stored in a container 😉

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  1. love these!! Can’t wait to try it myself!!

  2. Love em!! And no it is not too early for Halloween decor and crafts! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Halloween! These are a really cute head start on the season. I just have to ask…did you eat all the pickles from that jar?!

  4. Oh goodie…I am so ready for some Halloween ideas since it takes me awhile to get things started. Heck August will be over in a snap and then we will start bringing out the fall stuff in Septemeber so keep posting something like this at least once a week if you don’t mind…I am so ready for it to hurry up. We are having a big Halloween Bash this year!

    Cute jars and plan on making some like these…saw some last year so I bought the tissue paper at the end of the season and glad you reminded me to start saving jars.

  5. So cute! I am already starting on Halloween too! I can’t help myself, the dollar store had some really cute things last week!

  6. I LOVE these! Can’t wait to try this. I just posted a fun pre-Halloween craft this week. I’d love for you to pop by and check it out: http://itisagoodday.blogspot.com/2010/08/simple-halloween-garland.html. Thanks! — Teresa

  7. A very cute idea! I’ll be doing this project with my boys. 🙂

  8. super cute!
    i ♥ halloween..so glad you are already posting ideas for decors!

  9. Golly, but these are cute! I am def putting them on my to do list.

  10. I knew I was saving those pasta sauce jars for a reason! So cute and soooo easy! This is on my list of stuff to make. Thanks Jen!

  11. These are so cute! I definitely want to try them!


    I am in love with halloween! :))

    I can not wait to do this project.. and I can not wait to dress up!!!

  13. 2cute! I will have to make some =)

  14. so did you modge podge on the inside or out? these are really cool and im ready for a season change!

  15. I love these! I am so in the mood to do Halloween decorations too! I have already planned and few and have been scoping out for some more ideas! So thanks!

  16. These are so adorable!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Oh Wow!! those are sooo adorable! Fall is right around the corner and this makes me want it here even faster:)
    Visiting from justsewsassy.com
    Come by and check out the giveaway i have going on right now;)

  18. These are just too cute!

  19. I love this idea. I am going to have to try it (and link back to you of course)soon. It is never to early for halloween. If the stores have it out then it is the right time. 🙂


  20. These little monsters are simply Bootiful! Clever and cute! Such a timely post. Another idea to pilfer, thanks.:O)

  21. What a great idea…thank you! I cant belive its time to start thinking about Halloween!

    Have a great day!

  22. Oh this is just too cute!

  23. Really cute!

  24. really cute! the witch reminds me of the one in the great pumpkin charlie brown.

  25. Very cute. Thanks for sharing!

  26. very cute! I think it is great you are already up on the Halloween crafts! I found you through New Friend Friday. I will probably be stopping by again sometime!

  27. Already copied this idea into my evernote online notebook. Love it! My kiddos will love making these. Stopping by from NFFRiday.

  28. These are sssooo cute!
    You Rock!
    Thank you for sharing!

  29. You go girl! Gotta’ love Halloween ideas! These are too cute and I’m going to have to try these!

  30. I love these! I am always on the lookout for fabulous Halloween decorations, and these I can make with my daughter, thanks!

  31. That is very cute and very creative. What a fun idea for halloween. Thanks for sharing, Sherry

  32. I love, love, LOVE Halloween. Just last week, I had a show n tell about the fireplace mantel halloween project of mine. And I say it’s never too early for celebrating and getting ready for that fun, fun day.

    Your Witch jar is just too good for words. AND!!–FrankenSTEIN!!

    My Show n tell is “Troll Talk” if you’d like to click on the link and visit with me today

  33. These are too stinking cute! I think I found an easy project for my Brownies for Halloween.. thanks!

  34. What a great idea!!

    Love it!!


  35. LOVE your jars. How totally cute!!!


  36. I love these!! I can’t wait to make a set, I am a new follower!

  37. I those them… they turned out super cute! Vicki

  38. Halloween will be here before we know it… thanks for a fun idea! 🙂

  39. What a cute project!

  40. i’m SO making these!!

  41. Very very cute! I’m getting excited for Halloween already 🙂

  42. These are soooo cute and sooo easy. I also took a look at your vinyl toes. Shame on me! I need a cricut or a silhouette. I have someone paint my toenails in fancy designs but she is booked 3 months out. My Young Women at church would love this for an activity! Thanks

  43. SOOO cute!! I can’t wait for fall, especially Halloween!!

    …visiting from Sassy Sites! I am a follower! Come by my blog and say HI! 🙂
    (you have a very Sassy Site!)

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