Saturday Spotlight~ Patio Paver Lady BUG’s

HERE IS A FUN SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT do it your self project~

CAN WE SAY CA-UUUTE! My brother Gareth made these for my SIL Julie for her newly planted garden. Their third child was a girl and they did her DARLING room in lady bugs. So they have an attachment to lady bugs. Julie wanted some ladybugs in her garden.


AND ended up with this!

and these!

HOW TO: They used floral wire for the antenna’s. To drill the wholes in the brick they used a masonry drill bit. To make sure they stayed in firmer place they also used a dab of hot glue.

BEST PART~ you can do a bumble bee, snail, turtle… all the same way.

WAY TO GO GARE AND JULIE! (p.s. their blog is private so sorry no link!)


  1. LOVE this idea! I want to make these like RIGHT now!

  2. I got black and white lady bugs like that for my wedding, they were a little bride and groom, so cute!

  3. What a cute idea! My boys would have a great time making these with me!

  4. Oh yes, I can say CA-UUUTE!! I’m just wondering if Gareth must have used a good spray sealant for these? They’re adorable, and I think they’d be lots of fun to make! ~tina

  5. You can use acrylic sealer, we have also used modge podge that worked ok.

  6. These are absolutely adorable! How clever! I want some for my yard!

  7. Jen this is so cute. it may show up in our backyard. my family has a thing for ladybugs!

  8. i’ve seen these before and they are SO cute! i’ve also seen how they use a similar paver and make a snowman out of it, cuteness!!

  9. oh please post some other bugs. These are so cute.

  10. I mention you in my blog. Check it out!

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