Memorial Day Dessert~ all American trifle

Here is a dessert I made last 4th of July~ its great for this holiday weekend too.

~two containers of strawberries,
~two containers of blueberries (use the amount to your liking)
~one regular size container of cool whip,
~and one pound cake (to your liking, some people have their favorite pound cakes)
~one box regular size of vanilla pudding.
Prep: Mix pudding as directed on box! rinse and cut your strawberries in half! and cut (cube) your pound cake.
Start by layering with cut up pound cake on the bottom. Then your fruit, vanilla pudding, Layer it again leaving just the coolwhip on the top. I doubled this recipe off of ( American trifle) and I am so glad I did. I liked more berries for sure! Enjoy!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY~ enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe!