Balloon Flip Flops

THIS idea has been around for some time, and I just love it. HERE are THE ONES i MADE for my MISS PRISS!

i USED water balloons and of course flip flops. I selected the color scheme I wanted, and then laid out the pattern. I took {34} balloons for EACH flip flop. All you do is tie them on. I place the balloons under the flip flop strap and then tie two knots. THAT IS IT! My pointer fingers hurt now too. 😉


after~ THEY ARE SO MUCH cuter after. I love that it will match just about anything girlie. For 4TH of July I am totally making THESE in RED WHITE AND BLUE! for my little Miss Priss, can’t wait!



  1. Those are oh so cute! Wish I had a little miss diva to make them for! I think the red white and blue would be perfect for the 4th! And personally I liked your other header better!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so going to make these for my daughter adn all her friends! They will flip (no pun intended!) =o)

  3. SO cute! Good work mama!

  4. Love those. I will have to make some of those as gifts for birthdays this summer!

  5. found you through Kelli’s blog…so you just tie the ballons on there?!

  6. WAY WAY WAY cuter! I love it! 🙂

  7. I haven’t seen those. Cute. I have seen the ones with a million ribbons tied to them.

  8. Those turned out super cute! I don’t think I’ve seen this flip-flop idea before. Cool!

  9. omg how cute!! i’ve NOT seen that yet! loove them!

  10. Those are TOO cute! My girls would love them!

  11. I hadn’t seen these yet; they are so fun!

  12. Oh my gosh.. Just seeing these for the first time.. These are SO CUTE!! I don’t know why these should be JUST for little girls. I would definitely have fun wearing these! Let me see… My brother will be celebrating his birthday in August. I could wear them then, right?!! ~tina

  13. Ohh, these are so cute!! I just became your newest follower! You have great ideas. When I was a child we had hairbows like this. My mom just tied the balloons around the barrettes. She used the ones where you have to squeeze the two thingys (sorry, I don’t know what these kind are called). She removed the small metal piece in the middle and tied on the balloons and then replaced the middle piece. 🙂

  14. I love this idea! I am featuring it on tomorrow (Monday). Thanks for the inspiration!

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