Mod Podged Napkin Styrofoam Damask balls


Here are all the tools you will need, including your hands. 😉 I also kept a damp cloth near me to wipe of sticky hands and fingers…. Mod Podge is messy, fun but messy…. or should I say sticky!

I found my napkins at Target a few weeks ago, in the party supply section. I grabbed them right away! I am on a damask kick right now. Start by cutting most the napkin, only leaving the damask design. For me I didn’t want a chunk of just black showing… you can do what you like.

You will need an extra strip because the larger piece won’t cover the ball thouroughly.

Here is the strip I used to go over the entire ball it should be somewhere down the center of the ball, covering the gathered spots that were exposing the styrofoam.

let them dry… and half way between drying…. or when you feel like it… rotate them so the napkin doesn’t stick to the plate. If it does tear (it did for me) cut another piece of napkin and mod podge it over the tear.

All finished…damask “Napkin” covered styrofoam balls!

Three went in my metal bowl on my coffee table……

and one went on in my apothecary jar with some other balls.. See my damask Walmart ribbon… I tied that around the lid.

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