Handmade Baby Shower Banner/Mobile

Yesterday while two of the kids were sleeping and the oldest was at school, I decided to make the baby shower banner for the baby shower I will be throwing in April. I thought of this idea, once my friend Amy let me barrow her Doodle Charms cartridge for my cricut. Thanks Amy!!! The banner is made in such light pastel colors its hard to really see it. Maybe you can click on the pic. to enlarge it. To attach the die cut images to the ribbon, I used glue dots! IT WAS SO FUN, AND SWEET TO MAKE!

to add rosey posey sweet cheeks, I used a pink ink and the round sponge applicator. Then for the eyes, as you see, the blue colored pencil.

I cut out an “S” and an “E” for the baby girls first and last name intials. I added a pacy to the baby face too!

Then I thought that the baby needed her bottle! 😉

I will be hanging it from my dinning room light fixture. Over the table that will be decked out in pinks, yellows, whites, and probably light green.  I even cut out small 1 1/2 inch bottles, ducky’s, teddy bears, and bows for confetti… to spread around the table. CAN’T WAIT!!!