Gift bag turned cute matted frame~

See this darling cute gift bag, my hunny had my Valentines in it. As much as I loved my Valentines (hubs included), I was very much in love with the gift bag. I new it was going to be used for some kind of makeover/diy/craft project… SHALL WE BEGIN…

Boring white matted frame meet your makeup ha! meet cute cut up paper bag. I used the velvet fuzzy side of the bag.

use the matting to trace out the new mat cover with your new paper/gift bag/cardstock, whatever you decide to use. Then cut it out.

the front of the gift bag is nice, its in that fuzz velvet texture, so it really made the picture seem so fancy and to me more expensive looking.

Then I just used a glue stick, and thoroughly covered the back of the design paper and placed it over the mat. I gave it a good rub and made sure it was all sealed down well. 3 min. project complete!

and finally all finished and put back together!

and lastly back in its rightful spot!

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