What are Fair Trade Certified Products and Why You Should Buy Them

  Fruit Dip Recipe You may have noticed the Fair Trade mark on a fruit, vegetable or even a piece of clothing at your local supermarket. But do you know what it means and the impact it has on the people responsible for making the products you buy? In a world that emphasizes getting products […]

A Quick Guide to Bathroom Window Treatments

Today on the blog it is all about “A Quick Guide to Bathroom Window Treatments” If you are moving into your new home and you find it has no window coverings, then you should buy them. Following, we are giving you a quick guide that will help you choose the best blinds for your home, […]

8 Tips To Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

  Your kitchen is where your food and all the nooks and crannies are, which makes it the most vulnerable to pest infestation. There is nothing as off-putting as having a housefly drop into your pancake batter or fruit flies buzzing all around your fruit basket. They make your kitchen unsanitary for food production and […]

6 Ways To Get Your Home Looking Summer Ready

We officially started summer in my neck of the woods yesterday… Here are “6 Ways To Get Your Home Looking Summer Ready” As summer approaches, you can look forward to high-end temperatures, days at the beach or the swimming pool, and noticing that yourself and others seem to have adopted a more relaxed mood. Now […]

5 Homemade Crafts Which Are Perfect For Your Bathroom

Creating handmade products is a simple way to add a personal touch to your home. Whilst many of us lack the time and creativity to do this, there are some easy things you can make to bring character to your interiors. One space which is sometimes overlooked when creating handmade objects, is your bathroom. Nowadays, […]

Calling all Landscapers and Green Thumbs Experts!

Thats right “Calling all Landscapers and Green Thumb Experts!” For most of us spring has sprung, may still be springing for some, and/or we are entering summer. There is nothing more enjoyable during spring and summer and making those memories and what not, then loving your green grass and knowing how to take care of […]