3 Great Websites for Learning About Art

3 Great Websites for Learning About Art The visual arts play an important role in all our lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Everything around us, from the programs we watch on TV to the adverts we see plastered around our urban environments, is a form of visual art and is […]

Crafty Christmas Ideas With Free Printables

Today on com it is all about “Crafty Christmas Ideas With Free Printables.” Christmas might be the happiest holiday of them all. It’s the time when people gather around, celebrate, and enjoy the precious time with their loved ones. It’s also the perfect time for wrapping up your Christmas tree with cute little ornaments, and […]

VR Is A Blessing For Creative Types

Hey friends have you heard that VR Is A Blessing For Creative Types? that is what is being discussed today.  The arrival of virtual reality as an everyday technology (or at least something close to it) can seem like a purely technological advancement. We imagine VR fulfilling needs from advancing the gaming business to changing […]

My Music Theme Christmas Tree and More Holiday Decor

Hi friends, today I am so excited to share “My Music Theme Christmas Tree and More Holiday Decor.” I shared my miscarriage story here on the blog recently, and one of the things that got me through such a painful emotional time was “Music.” Music sings the soul happy and comforted…. Am I right? I new […]

10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Ideas

Hi friends, today I am sharing “10 Beautiful Christmas Trees.” I spent a lot of time on Pinterest searching ideas and searching Christmas Trees, and I have to say these are some of my favs. You know when you see a tree and you stop, GASP!, or say Oh’ my goodness” YEP! I hope you […]

Free Holiday Planning Printable Checklist

Hi friends, its that time of year when we start preparing for the two biggest holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am here to help by providing this awesome “Free Holiday Planning Printable Checklist.”  Now, I know some of you don’t decorate right away and that is OK’. I know some that decorate […]