6 Tips for Buying an Ideal Washing Machine

When shopping for a washing machine, you will discover many types in the market, and all have different features. It’s essential to check your budget and needs before settling on a purchase.

However, budget alone shouldn’t determine the type of washing machine to buy. You’d rather delay the purchase as you save more money to acquire a capable machine.

You may also want to ascertain that the parts to fix your washing machine are readily available because, just like any other device, you will have to replace or service the parts to boost efficiency.

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An Automatic or a Semi-Automatic
The choice depends on your needs and budget. A fully automated machine does all the work from cleaning to rinsing and drying the clothes if it has a drier, while you have to intervene when using a semi-automatic machine.

You will have to add washing water then drain to put the rinsing water in the tub. Afterward, you will have to change the clothes from the washing to the drying tub.

A semi-automatic machine means more work, although not as much as handwashing, and it’s much cheaper than an automatic one. If you have a busy schedule, a fully automated machine may be a favorable choice.

Automatic machines can either be a front or top load. If you have a narrow and small space, you may opt for a top-load, but a front-load has more features depending on the model and make.

It’s essential to check the power and water consumption of a device before purchase. Modern, more eco-friendly appliances may cost more, but you end up saving more on water and electricity consumption.

Ideal Load
Different types of washing machines have varied load capacity, which means you should choose based on your needs. If you have a large family, you may opt for a machine with a larger capacity. Going for a larger capacity means purchasing a larger device. Do you have enough space for the machine?

Do You Want a Drier as Well?
If you live a busy life, you may want to buy one with a drier. You won’t have to hung clothes after washing them. Also, you are assured of the clothes drying even in bad weather. However, it will cost you more.

Type of Material for the Drum
If you are looking at purchasing a more durable and less maintenance washing machine, opt for stainless steel drums, which are the most durable, although expensive. There are other options, such as enamel porcelain and plastic. Enamel is the cheapest option and also less durable than stainless steel and plastic.

The Features
If you are interested or looking for features such as customizable wash settings, spin cycles, and presoak, you may have to go for a fully automated machine. If you have kids, the presoak option comes in handy.

You may also want to vary the spin cycles depending on clothes’ fabric, with delicate fabrics getting fewer spin cycles. Make sure to check the features of all the available types of washing machines. But first, understand your family’s needs.

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