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How To Add Style To Your New Apartment | Frugal Edition

Moving into a new spot can be daunting. Sure, it is an exciting time and marks a new chapter in life, but you want to stay as budget-friendly as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to cheap out on style. There are countless ways to create a luxury space without the luxury price tag.

Adding Style For Free

Not only are there low-cost options, but there are some free ways to capitalize on style in your apartment. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get the hammer and nail. Here are free, quick, and easy ways to promote style in your home.

Organizing Furniture

The way furniture is placed can make a major difference in how walking space is designed in an apartment. Having well-organized furniture can create the feeling of space. Blocking walk paths and having to walk unusually to get from room to room can mean a cluttered home. You shouldn’t stumble over things or step on clothes either.

Creating Meticulous (looking) Decor

There’s no way you want to overextend yourself, you have a lot to do. So, this DIY decorating tip can go a long way without the extra effort. Have a cheap pair of curtains? Do you like drapery with braid trim? You can braid your curtains yourself. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or over the top. A little bit goes a long way.


Having a clean home is always the key to having a more luxurious space. It can also make you feel more at ease.

Low Cost Options

There are many inexpensive ways to create a fashionable space. These are some simple options that can greatly improve your new home.

Creating Space

Space is usually a sign of luxury. While apartments are usually smaller in size, the size of furniture can make a big difference in walking space.When shopping, get the appropriate sized furniture. For example, not all rooms are fit to have a kingsized bed. The size of the room needs to be at least 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches. Now, this is the minimal amount and king size beds vary in size depending on location. Also, if you want to add furniture that minimal measurement increases. A queen size bed can be just as spacious and costs less. It can give you the space you need in your room, as well. So, if you’re downsizing and you don’t want to get rid of your old furniture yet you can always put them in storage such as Tiger Moving & Storage until you find out other options.

Chalk painted side table10

Adding Paint Color

Most apartments aren’t necessarily dream homes. Think positively. This can be your blank canvas to work with. By adding some pops of color, any space can have a dramatic look in appearance.

Farm kitchen chalk board painted wall21

master bedroom paint makeover12

Add Books

Not only are they great for learning and entertainment, but they look great too. Adding books to a space makes it more luxurious. So, all those books you have lying around can make a great statement in other parts of the home.


The Best Tip:

Family, Friends, and Good Times

Happiness and laughter are the most important contributors. Happy times can easily set the mood for any home.


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